About Ruby and Max

Hi, I'm Emma

Thanks for stopping by!

As a life-long seamstress and dog lover, when I couldn’t find coats or collars that fit my miniature Dachshund, Max I decided to make them myself. And then, soon after, for Ruby too, Max's fellow Schnauzer friend.

The name Ruby and Max was born. It didn’t take long before walks with Ruby and Max led to lots of questions about just where their dashing coats and collars were from. And so, as I started to take in more and more requests, for more and more dog breeds, Ruby and Max, my independent dog boutique was created.

All of my coats and collars are handmade by me and can be made to measure too. Not sure what size is right for your four legged friend? Contact me for made to measure. I’d love to meet you and your furry companion.

You can always contact me if you have any questions.

Coats and collars made for your dog and mine. Treat your perfect pet today, shop now!